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Back to work

As told before, 4 weeks ago my little daughter took her first breath.

Luckily I work at a very modern company (orca.xyz) and therefore had - instead of the one day you get by law in switzerland - whole 4 weeks of holiday for getting to know my baby girl and helping out my wife.

It was an awesome time :)! If I should ever own my own company, please remember me to give all my employees also some additional father holidays :). Also the possibility of doing homeoffice helps a lot (see header pic :)).

It was the longest time without coding (or only very little coding) in the last 20 (or so) years. Now I’m back with a shitload of motivation… Many things will follow. Cool stuff to develop at orca, but I will also try to do some more personal projects as well.

not too many commits in august
not too many commits in august

Woot? You got a baby and now you think you will find more time for personal stuff?

Well :) it gives me a great motivational boost - and I’m used to very little sleep now… Maybe it works out, let’s see.

First thing is already in progress: new blog :) together with new server, but i will write about that next time.



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