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Ghost -> Hugo

Today i switched my Blog tech from Ghost CMS (based on node) to Hugo.

Why? Didn’t you just switch from wordpress to ghost? And… somehow it looks the same? Can’t you just write articles?

Yeah… But it’s more awesome :D It will blow your mind…

Maybe some of you can relate... :)
Maybe some of you can relate... :)

What i liked about Ghost

It’s simple, easy to setup, lean. The default theme (casper) looks awesome and it’s fast as well. Also I like the fact that it’s written in node.

If you’re looking for a “real” but lean cms, you should give it a try! I liked it much more than wordpress.

Note: If you can’t run your site without a minimum of 30 plugins though maybe you should stick to wordpress. For ghost there simply are just now plugins (yet, “comming soon” announced). But i guess that’s also one reason why I liked it: I didn’t need any plugin.

Why i still switched to hugo

xtoff, a friend of mine, recently showed me his new blog. Also done with hugo. I think he told me about hugo a while ago but I just thought “yeah static page generator - it’s not 1998 anymore” and never really looked at it.

But then there was his blog. And it looked awesome :). It was fast, easy to read, lean and simple. In our next skype session, he gave me a small introduction to hugo, how it’s built, how templates are made, and how you write articles.

It just felt natural. Switching to a new project in my beloved Webstorm, writing some markdown files, push them to Github. Even though Ghost did a really good job in having a “distraction free” Editor on board, my IDE just feels so much more comfortable and “productive”.
(No wonder, remembering the fact that I’ve spent at least 8 hours per day for years in this environment.)

Another great strength comes with git. Once you are used to work with a version control, you don’t really want to miss it. Not even on private projects, not even on your Blog posts. Writing is not always “one hour writing stuff down” but can take several days or weeks. If you want to keep the Blog posts up-to-date, it’s even more.

Imagine you could have a full version history of all your writings. If you could see all your changes, if you could revert all your changes if needed?
Yep, you can do that. With hugo :) (or any other static page generator)

Why does it still look like Ghost?

Ehh hehe well there are tons of themes out there for hugo. And some of them are pretty (Like the LeaveIt theme xtoff uses). But somehow i got used to the casper theme of ghost.

So i was really happy to see casper has been ported to hugo as well. Great theme, ported by Eueung Mulyana. But still some things were missing / not perfect for me.
And that’s another plus point on hugo: It was such a breeze to just fork the theme, and adapt it a bit. No code needed, just some Templating and CSS.

update: Well, it started to differ a bit :). New fonts (do you like them?), some enhancements/tweaks, let’s see where this goes. Feel free to fork my adaptions on github.

What’s next, another blog tech in 3 months?

The reason why I wanted a blog was because I wanted to write articles :D so I should focus a bit on that.




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